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Auditions for “Wonka, Pure Imagination”

Auditions for “Wonka, Pure Imagination” Click here! 

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How do I audition?
Once you click on the role(s) you would like audition for we will respond to you with all the information you will need for your chosen character(s) via email.

What do I need to prepare?
You’ll need to prepare for short extracts of singing, acting and dancing.

Singing the first verse and chorus
of one of these three songs:

Pure Imagination 
I Want It Now
Candy Man

When you click on the songs above they will send you to a track which you can practice with.

For the acting monologue
When you click on the role below you will receive a monologue of the chosen character for you to perform on the day. Please be extravagant, colourful and over-the-top….Wonka is looking for extraordinary people!

For the dancing extract
You will receive a short video for you to practice the choreography, however, if you have anything extra you’d like to do we’d love to see it! 

What part should I audition for?
Any part(s) you feel you would suit you. Please note that the adult roles will be for 12+ 

Other Questions we get asked..

Q.When will the rehearsals be? A. The rehearsals start on Sunday 1st March and will be held weekly for the whole cast. Additionally, lead roles will rehearse on Thursday evenings too. The 1st Thursday is 27th February. 

See full rehearsal sheet below. 

Q. Where are rehearsals held? A. All rehearsals are held at Barton Court Studios, Marine Drive, Barton on sea, BH25 7DZ. Close to the date of the show some rehearsals may be held at The Forest Arts Centre New Milton.

Q. Where will the show be performed? A. The Forest Arts Centre, New Milton. 

Q. How many performances will there be? There will be 4 performances. These will be taking place Thursday 16th July, Friday 17th July & Saturday 18th July with 3 evening shows and 1 matinee.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call Cassie on 07957 425194 or Email:

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