Barton Court Studios, Marine Drive, Barton on Sea, Hampshire, BH25 7DZ

Voice Workshops

  Voice Workshops

Our brand new course to be the ultimate singer. Have you ever wanted to know the answers to these questions?

How do I sing higher?
What makes me a good singer?
How do I Belt?
What is tone? 
What are my strengths and weaknesses? 
How can I sing louder?
Why do I find some songs don’t work for my voice?
Lets find out the answers together!

WEEK 1: How to sing higher and use your range to your advantage!

WEEK 2: How to belt safely!

WEEK 3: Tricks and tips to be the best singer & performer! 

At Barton Court Studios, Marine Drive, Barton on sea, BH25 7DZ.

Currently we don’t have any workshops booked for the future. However, make sure you’re on our mailing list to get notified when the next workshop is open for bookings. 

The course is just £60 for all 3 sessions! (Normally £180 for this amount of tuition time) 

T: 07957 425194