Barton Court Studios, Marine Drive, Barton on Sea, Hampshire, BH25 7DZ

Exams go Virtual

Well, with BCS being so far from London this is actually a blessing for us. Training and applying for your LCM Musical Theatre Exams just got a whole lot easier.

Our exceptional teachers have 100% pass rate taking students through their Musical Theatre Exams and now we can record them here at the studio and send them in virtually.

Now is a great time to get your singing grades! #LCMExams

Submissions are assessed by trained LCME Examiners with extensive expertise across all genres, using the same standards and criteria as face-to-face exams. This offers candidates a reliable, independent, regulated assessment and the flexibility allowed by the entry process. 

NEW’s just in!

“We will also be able to take our exams virtually with an examiner at a your own venue using video chat – LIVE”

Our world is truly going virtual. Which for our small school in Barton on sea means BIG things. We look forward to the future and all the exposure the world wide web can provide for Barton Court Studios.

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