Barton Court Studios, Marine Drive, Barton on Sea, Hampshire, BH25 7DZ


Recording Parties

A brilliant way to celebrate any occasion with your friends, make some fun memories and sing your heart out! Suitable for all ages from Kids Birthday Parties to a fun night out with your friends from work! We even cater for Hen Do’s.

What is a Recording Party?

Our Recording Studio parties are where you and friends get to record a song in our Recording Studio.

How long is a Recording Party?

2 hours

What does it include?

At the beginning of our 2 hour session we get a warm up with a vocal coach and have a quick a practice of our chosen song. Then it’s over to the microphones to sing our hearts out and record our song! Everyone gets to go together, and we need a few takes so our studio engineer can choose our best performance. It’s then mixed for us so we can take home our very own Pop Party CD!

How many people can I have?

We’re set for 4 people at your party!

How much is it?

The Party Package is £100. That’s just £25 per person & For an Extra £50 we can add a photo shoot of you and friends having lots of fun!